Helen & Dave's Most Excellent
The Ukrainian Addition !!!!!!

The Frederickson's



A photo of Dave & Helen gathering water to cook fresh lobster over a fire on the beach in Cape Breton! 

Helen & Dave also known as Hellcat & Fredrico, have been wanting a family since they first met over 10 years ago. The journey has know taken us to the far of land of the Ukraine where our only wish was a healthy child that we could bring into our world and make their life special!

We both come from very close families.On Dave's side his sister Marion and Don has two kids Andrew & Katherine, and his brother Ed has one child Cheryl, who also now has a son Lance. On Helen side she has two brothers, Mark who has a daughter Shay and two step daughters, Ashley and Tiffany. Rod has a son Marco who is just a little older than Oscar. Helen's older sister Trudy and husband Carlos have two children Camille and Lucas. Helen also has a fraternal twin, Nancy who is married to Patrick and they also have a son, Philip who also is just a little older than Oscar. Helen's mom, Mary lives near us and she is very excited about our new addition!Then we have our wonderful extended family of very close friends most whom, also have children and complete the loving environmet we call home! We are very blessed in so many ways and live in the wonderful community of the Beach in Toronto.

We are now truly blessed with the addition of Oscar to our loving family.