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Our last weekend as DINK's (Double Incomes, No Kids)

Posted by Helen on March 13, 2010 at 10:13 AM

March 13, 2010


    Do I dare say it? We’ve passed the 11 day waiting period and there’s been no family objection to the adoption. So, I think it’s safe to say that we’re officially Oscar’s parents. On Monday we will go to court to sign papers, Tues we travel to Ivankiv for Oscar’s birth certificate, tax #, and hopefully break him out of the orphanage by Wed. or Thurs. We then continue with passport and immigration papers. This means many hours waiting in the car outside of government and notary offices. We hope that while we're in Ivankiv we will get a chance to go by the hospital where Oscar was born and spent his first 18 months and take a photo for his lifebook.


    This past week, Oscar had his passport photos done. We went into the area where there is a seat to take the photo and Oscar started to cry. He had no idea what was going on and we assume he thought it was another medical appointment. We swiftly picked him up to console him and Vadim helped translate and shift his focus to a baby picture adverstisement for Kodak on the wall. He sat on Dave’s lap and the photographer was able to get a handsome photo of Oscar. On the way back to the orphanage, I was able to get a great photo of Dave and Oscar (see photo). It was obvious that Oscar was not used to the sun as he squinted constantly and turned away from any direct sunlight. We commented that we will have to get him a cool pair of shades sometime soon!


   On Friday, I had to go to the orphanage alone as Dave was fighting a bad cold and had work he needed to get done. This was an interesting test to see if I could handle Oscar on my own. I had planned to talk to the doctor to gather more medical info on Oscar, such as early medical diagnoses and treatments. Of course, Oscar barged into the meeting and was perplexed as to why I was not playing with him and inquired about Papa’s whereabouts. We explained Papa was ill, but he was still confused. To further his confusion Dave called my cell phone and I handed the phone for Oscar to talk or listen to his papa, probably his first phone call ever! And, he stood still listening to Dave, but not saying a word with a puzzled look. Maybe he is used to SMS instead?


   Afterwards, he showed me a soft ball that when activated would play music and he started dancing. Oddly, he dances similar to Dave. We looked at each other in the mirror and made funny faces at each other, played with his cars and of course his dolls “La, La’s”. He didn’t seem to want to go into the tricycle or run around wildly. I suspect he was missing he’s papa’s hyperactive energy! As many of you know, I’m a calm and even keel individual (Dave says “whatever, Mrs # 17 for Wendy and Peter's inside track and others why her nickname is Hellcat!"). He gobbled up some sliced oranges, and a cookie. As I watched him practically hoard the orange slices, I asked him if he could give me an orange slice; after a few moments, he hesitantly placed it in my hand, rubbed his belly and gave me a sweet smile. All and all, it was a good visit and I got a small glimpse of how our time would be spent together alone back home.


   On Thursday night, we went to Kyiv’s Opera House to watch a ballet “La Bayadere (The Temple Dancer) $30.00 for 2 persons! We went with another Canadian couple (Wendy & Peter) and Wendy (a previous dancer) explained the ballet, history of ballet in Europe and Russia and key figures within the ballet world. I had a whole new appreciation of this art form. I must admit, seeing a ballet was the last thing I’d be doing in Ukraine!


   So we are enjoying the last weekend childless and are anxiously awaiting this week and the last few chapters of this episode of Hellcat & Fredricos’ most excellent adventure!

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Reply Dianne
1:39 PM on March 13, 2010 
Congratulations Ma & Pa! Happy to hear everything is finally falling into place and your at the final stretch of paper work. Hubert & I just got back from our trip to Asia. I think I am addicted to your blog. Everytime we had internet availability I was checking for updates and disappointed when there was none. Oscar is so fortunate to have you both as parents and so blessed with a wonderful life you two will provide. Looking forward to meeting your little man.
Reply Beth
9:19 PM on March 14, 2010 
Hey you 2!
Fantastic news!!
fingers crossed for a smooth next few days!!

hope to see you when the jet-lag passes and you feel up to a play-date

Reply Carole Stallworthy
3:17 PM on March 15, 2010 
It is great to hear how close you are now to coming home! It is so much fun having a boy....we know you will both enjoy it.
Reply Terri Wilton
2:14 PM on March 17, 2010 
Wow...what a journey for you both and a treasure at the end of the rainbow...couldn't be happier for you both, you are deserving of this blessing and Oscar is a very lucky boy to have you two for parents...can't wait to meet him and see your joyful faces on your return. God bless your family ...and travel safe. Love Terri & Tayler XO
Reply Derek
10:23 PM on March 17, 2010 
I am sure Oscar is a great kid but if he dances like Dave you should get him into lessons as soon as you get back to Canada.
Reply stacey
3:03 PM on March 18, 2010 
wow - congrats! Fingers crossed for you all.