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Oscar Breaks Free!!!

Posted by Helen on March 18, 2010 at 4:58 PM

March 18th, 2010

Oscar Breaks Free!

     Hi everyone and apologize for not writing for a while and we have so much to cover!

Last weekend we were very busy getting everything ready for Oscar’s homecoming. We finally got to break open the 1997 bottle of Caymus Cab we brought to celebrate when it was 100% official and we lucky enough to have our friends Wendy and Peter make us a fantastic rib roast on Sunday evening.


    We visited Oscar on Monday again and it was our last day having our 2 hour “playtime”! We got some photographs of some of the staff that have been caring for our Oscar and we could tell it was bitter sweet situation and it was obvious our little man had built some strong relationships. Monday afternoon the court judgment was picked up by our driver Vadim and were surprised we didn’t even have to go or sign anything! Monday night we were treated to another great dinner at a Chinese restaurant called China White by our friends Piero and Svetlana. We met a friend of Piero’s, Eric who has a very successful artificial intelligence software development company with offices across the globe. Major benefits running a large portion out of Kiev where there is excellent access to highly skilled developers and lower cost than North America.


    Tuesday we started the day early and were going to first go to Ivankiv, Oscar’s birth town but Slava noticed the court papers were missing a term outlining no one had objected to the adoption so we were back again at the pink courthouse. After waiting for about an hour in the car we got the papers updated and off we went to Ivankiv. Pretty uneventful trip although did get an opportunity to stop by Ivankiv hospital where Oscar was born and took some photo’s for his lifebook. We were ravished by the time we finally made it back to Kiev, only having has breakfast at the beginning of the day so we had Vadim and Slava drop us off a few blocks from our apartment and we headed straight for our favorite eatery the Belgium pub. After some good food and a couple of pints we saw a Czech friend from Prague we had me a few weeks earlier and he joined us for a couple more pints. We discussed what it was like to live in Kiev vs other cities and got the low down on the dating scene in Ukraine!


    Wednesday we were back in Vadim’s car early to get Oscar’s Tax certificate (believe it is like our Social Insurance number?) and again very uneventful which was good. We also had Vadim and Slava bring us to a post office to buy some boxes to ship some stuff back so we have less to carry and more free hands to take care of our little man. We managed to get everything done we needed to including picking up food, champagne and chocolates for the orphanage staff and kids to commemorate Oscar’s departure. Wednesday night, being our last night childless and also being St Patrick’s day, made for a great reason to get out one last time and we had an awesome time at Rosie Ogrady’s pub where there was a Ukrainian band with fiddle, accordion and drums that belted out some good keltic tunes. After they exhausted their repertoire of Irish classics they then cut into Ukrainian favorites and their real talent showed through especially on the violin!



   Then came the day we had been really waiting for! With our two back packs stuffed with goodies, two big bags of clothes we had also bought on the weekend (we heard they had a shortage of 3+ year old boys and girls clothes so went little crazy on weekend) to donate, as well as the two boxes of clothes and shoes to ship home, we somehow managed to make our way to meet Vadim at our regular corner. We could hardly contain the excitement knowing today was the day Oscar would finally be coming home with his Mama and Papa! We got to the orphanage and Tetiana the head nurse, who is absolutely wonderful was there to greet us and we headed upstairs to our normal play area. Dave headed downstairs to video tape Oscar coming out of his dorm area and in a short time he could hear our little mans voice and then caught him breaking free. After blowing some kisses back to his attendants and a few “Paka’s” (goodbye’s), Oscar made his way upstairs to change out of his orphanage clothes for good and put on clothes he could now call his own. As usual Oscar was very excited about his new wardrobe and tried on a couple of items landing on the coveralls we had him wear earlier. We then met the director of the orphanage in her large office which was adorned by multiple bouquets of flowers as day before was her birthday and hence why she was not available for us to get Oscar earlier. Oscar immediately bolted for the largest arrangement of flowers thereby cutting out visit down to a very short “I know you will make great parents and will love Oscar (now can you please get your child out of here!)”. Then we made our way out to the car, all the time Oscar blowing kisses and announcing Paka with obvious joy at finally being able to join mama and papa full time! 

    We then went to two passport offices and at second were told we had a problem! We were told that the new passport’s (blue) were not yet being produced but that we were lucky a solution was available. For $200 U.S. we could get the older (red) passport made and that it would be available on Monday as we required. This also negated the need to have Oscar present for a required “scanning” which meant we could have had the passport process started 2 days earlier when we had the birth certificate, which would have had us leaving earlier but after all we have gone through you learn to roll with things and be happy we were still on track!


   We then headed to the post office but it was just after 1 pm so everyone had left for lunch (1-2 pm) so we decided we also would grab some lunch. Big test, how will Oscar be in a restaurant for the first time. Just taking in the scenes from Papa’s arms was enough to make his eyes open as bright as they could be. We went to a pizza place we had been to before and the place was packed but managed to get the last table in non smoking section. They had a childs menu and the waitress broughtout a coloring book and colored pencils. Oscar was awesome, he sat there, colored, took in the new sights like ski jumping on television and people watching. He wolfed down his chicken fingers with potatoes and carrot salad which was good as we had to get back so Slava and Vadim could get on with there day. After mailing the parcels (filling out multiple copies of forms) we said our good byes as Slava informed us we would not see her again and then made our way back to our apartment.


   Oscar was very excited to be at our apartment and was very happy to see some new toys waiting for him as well as another La La (baby). We had also purchased a baby a week before that we had planned on leaving at the orphanage but as we were leaving Oscar exclaimed he wanted it and Tetiana suggested we should take it. As it turned out that would be his transitionary item as we did not get the blanket we had given the first day we met Oscar (totally forgot about it after so many weeks). The doll kept Oscar calm during the relatively long waits in the car. After playing in the apartment and Oscar chowing down another snack we decided to head out and get him some slippers to wear at the apartment as well as tire the little man out with a walk.


   Again he was amazed at all the sights and we introduced Oscar to a very nice doorman from Africa we had met and walked by almost everyday. Oscar was mesmorized by seeing likely his first non Caucasian person, a good ice breaker given the multi cultural surroundings back home in Toronto! After the excursion Dave made dinner, Oscar once again consumed everything on his plate with great gusto and then got ready for his first bath from his papa. Oscar loved the bath and had great fun with the puppy puppet wash glove managing to pretty much wash the entire bathroom! Then it was time for some warm milk and a cookie and Dave’s attempt to read some bedtime stories and have Oscar drift off. Fat chance, wired on food, cookies as well as new digs he wanted nothing of stopping the days festivities! Finally he appears to have fallen asleep, at least I hope so as I write this entry and plan to head there soon also!


    We really can’t describe what an amazing day it was today. Whatever delays or frustrating moments melted away into a long memory with the joy Oscar brought us! You know what the most amazing thing is? We get to wake up tomorrow and have a full day with him and start our real life together!


Sweet dreams everyone!

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Reply Dani
9:49 PM on March 18, 2010 
Yeah!!! Awesome news! We are so super excited and happy for you as you family unit is now whole!!
Lots of Love,
Dani, Keith, Mia & Jr.
XOX to all three of you - Can't wait until you guys are home!
Reply Marion Irwin
10:15 PM on March 18, 2010 
This is the best news!!! We are so incredibly happy for you and we are looking forward to meeting our new nephew next week! Let us know when you finalize your travel plans. Can't wait til you come home!
Tons of love,
D,M,K & A
Reply Abe Evreniadis
10:38 PM on March 18, 2010 
Congradulations !!! Both Dina and I wish your family nothing but the best !! Cant wait to see the little man! Abe
Reply corina
11:44 AM on March 19, 2010 
Yeahhh, I'm so happy for you guys. Finally the dream come true.I can't wait to meet the luckiest boy ever in the world. Lots of love from Corina
Reply Astrid
12:05 PM on March 19, 2010 
Seems like yesterday we were sitting in a restaurant in Toronto wishing Helen well for her long journey to adopt a child. What a fabulous outcome.

I think we should take home out for some chicken fingers at Bocca on Baldwin once he is settled in Toronto.
Reply Carolyn
8:05 PM on March 20, 2010 
Good luck on Tuesday. Safe journey home. We love you all and look forward to seeing your happy family. Love Douglas and Carolyn.
12:19 AM on March 21, 2010 
Congratulations!! We are so happy for all of you. Have a safe trip home.
All our love, Wally, Carolyn, Charles and Jacqueline