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Happy Mother's Day & Did I win the lottery or what?!

Posted by Helen on May 9, 2010 at 9:03 PM


This is Oscar speaking to all my amazing peeps out there! Life has been a blast!! I can’t believe how many friends and family are out there! I never knew how many people already knew me here in Canada! I’ve got a great crib in the Beach and the place is a revolving door. I’ve got a great family with a babushka, great cousins, aunts, uncles (to give me airplane rides) and plenty of new friends. I even make friends at the playground and I can’t even speak fluent English yet! I guess it’s my amazing charm and smile.


Thanks for all crazy gifts, but I’m afraid that my mamma’s holding out on me with some of the gifts and I’m not that impressed. Something about being over stimulated and spoiled…….What does being spoiled mean anyways?


My English is obviously coming along. I love reading books at night and in the morning to improve my English. My goal is to be fully fluent in 3 months. I particularly like looking about food items as eating is my favorite pass time. I can even out eat my  older cousins. I already grew into a size 9 in 5 weeks (the same size as my 4 year old cousin)! I’m guessing I’ll be about 6’4 when I grow up.


My mom calls me her person trainer because I apparently eat portions of her meals (it’s called “portion control”;) and I make her run off her feet. All I have to say is “What did you expect from a 3year old?”


I’ve been visiting my new four legged friend Shorty on a regular basis. I’m soo intrigued by dogs (they’re amazing creatures!). I wonder when my parents will get it that I want a dog and I want one NOW!


Today, my mamma surprised me by taking me to the zoo with my cousin, aunt, Mitta and my new friends Daniel and Laura. I thought my mom was lying to me when she said I would be seeing monkeys, giraffes, and even lions in one day!! I had a blast and loved sharing the experience with my new peeps. I plan to go back when the weather gets warmer to check out the water park too. If anyone wants to come, just drop me a line and my mom can sort out the details.


So, how am I coping? I’ve got mamma and papa trained pretty well with my daily acitivity and sleep routines and food consumption patterns. This keeps me being a happy camper. I’m pretty affectionate (my mamma calls me the kissing bandit, and I love lavishing them with more kisses when well, I’ve been misbehaving (a word to all the kids out there, it totally defuses ‘time outs’ and ‘the good/bad cop game’;). I’m learning to play with other kids (I’m not the best at sharing at this time…. but , I’m trying really hard!) My new friends and cousins Marco and Philip are helping me out. So, things are great and getting more comfortable every day. I’m amazed with all my new friends and all the new things I can do here in Canada, now that I have my own personal chauffeurs (just kidding mamma and papa). Enjoy my new pic (thanks Laura).

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