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Happy Birthday to a poet, a guitarist and a friend!

Posted by Helen on March 9, 2010 at 4:31 PM

March 9, 2010: Taras Shevchenko B-day!


Taras Shevchenko was a famous artist and poet in Ukraine and today the public commemorated this iconic hero who preserved the Ukrainian language through the written word. People gathered in the park in front of a large statue of Shevchenko facing the University to bring bouquet of  flowers, sing songs and recite poems to the beloved Ukrainian! Two other birthdays today to be celebrated, are our nephew Lucas in Calgary. Happy B Day and keep "wailing" on that Guitar! Tess Alexander also had a Bday today, so guys now you know you share it with a very important icon in Ukrainian history and culture!


And, it was another wonderful day at the orphanage- Our usual 45 mins drive to Byorka has been reduced to 35 min with the better road conditions. We know we’ve here for a long time, but when you enter the orphanage and everyone readily acknowledges you and points you to the same playroom everyday and when finally the head nurse asks “So, when do you have court?” “And, yes this process has been too long!” “Interpol” and shakes her head. We know it’s been way too long!


Today, we decided to wait for Oscar in the main corridor to video record his grand greeting to us. Oscar started by running thru the main corridor yelling out “Mama & papa!” jumping into my arms and waving back to his favourite nurse. We walked up the stairs to the main playroom, he tries to accost the head nurse for some candy (without luck this time) and we start our daily aerobic play routine (as mentioned in the previous blog entry). I finally realized its Dave not Oscar who’s hyperactive. I noticed Oscar trying to seek shelter in a tent to play with his toys alone. I have to say to Dave just give him some alone time.


Oscar’s starting to learn some English words as he’s become more relaxed in our presence. We decided to incorporate some English words with play. For example, when Dave pushes Oscar in his tricycle, he stops at the large mirror and we all point out and state “eye nose and ears! “ Oscar repeats these words out to us. This doesn’t stop him from trying to teach us how to say these words same words in Ukrainian. Hey, he’s a smart little kid! Today he even blurted out mouth!


The building blocks were finally a hit when built into a garage he could rev the engine in his Dinaco “Cars” mobile. But the all time hit again today was Dave bouncing Oscar on the big sponge cylindrical tube. He throws him in the air and guides his way down, only to toss him upagain. Today Oscar got very comfortable almost doing a total flip in the air. The inflatable kids trampolines will be a hit back in Toronto and Dave even talked of getting a trampoline for the cottage! He certainly has no fear whatsoever that we have seen. I am sure he will be a daredevil like his papa with water toys and boarding/skiing!


We then headed home listening to Vadim’s favorite Ramstein, a German rock group that apparently was playing in Kyiv tonight. When we got back we had a brief walk to take in the Tara Shevchenko celebrations and then Dave headed off to work and I went shopping to get some items for the orphanage. I then headed to Jennifer, Martin and Laura’s whom we have mentioned before and thankful that they had a successful visit to SDA today! They will be heading off tomorrow night to what we call Zap City, a highly industrialized centre in the eastern Russian part of Ukraine. Dave was able to join us later as well as another couple Peter and Wendy at Mario’s Pizza just a block away from HP Kyiv.


Before signing off and in case we do not get to blog tomorrow we want to send a very special 10th Birthday wish to another little man that is growing big, our nephew Lance! Have a great one Lance and we will celebrate it soon with your new cousin!

Love you all

Helcat & Fredrico!

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Reply Beth
11:30 PM on March 10, 2010 
Hey Doll
We just got back from vacation and i was really hoping that i would read you were on your way home! Man is this a long journey!!!
hang in there, it is all so worth the pain in the end.

lv and hugs,
Reply The Aebig clan
3:56 PM on March 11, 2010 
Hi Guys. We cant even begin to express how excited we are for you guys! Finally coming home, that is excellent!! When the dust settles we d love to meet Oscar!

Love frrom the Aebig Bunch
Reply lucy
8:58 AM on March 17, 2010 
Congratulations. I hope all goes well!

Lucy (Mark's friend)
Reply EllAtoxia
3:40 PM on October 25, 2019 
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